Zimmer® Patient Specific Instruments Calculator

This application was designed to give any interested party an estimation of the cost effectiveness of Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments (PSI) based on user inputs and data found by multiple studies. These studies include the Noble [1], the Watters [2], and the Pietsch [3] papers.

Measurement Conventional PSI
Number of Trays per Case 7 3
Cost per Tray 58.18 58.18
Total Instrument Cost 407.26 174.54
OR Room Setup
Prep Time
Surgery Time
Room Turnover
Total Time
OR Cost / Minute
OR Time Cost
OR Unit Costs 1524 1072
Total OR Costs / Case
Implant Costs / Case
PSI Cost / Case
Total Cost / Case
Total Savings / Case  
Average Reimbursement / Case
Contribution Margin / Case
Percentage CM / Case Increase  

Estimated Savings